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Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy is getting ready for our next ceremony in 2017, please inquire through our Contact Us page if you are a veteran diagnosed with PTSD.

Update Retreats 2017: 

We have a donor who will be supplying us with a 30-person moloka-style all-weather tent, we will have this set up to shield us from weather during our healing retreat! Game on, we also have Moe's BBQ out of Boulder by a good friend and fellow Marine Ryan Richardson who has offered services to VET for full catering the entire weekend. We will also be hosting two additional workshops from fellow veterans, John Franks and the Heroes Pack, who will be giving a workshop on PTSD therapy dogs for veterans and Marco Dominguez, fellow veteran and purple heart recipient OEF, will be giving a fly fishing workshop. We are happy to have Marcie Cooper MSN, RN, AHN-BC Certified Auricular Acupuncture Specialist and N.A.D.A. Practitioner,  Board Certified Advance Holistic Nurse and Holistic Practitioner

Marcie will be offering Auricular Acupuncture using the 5 needle protocol known as the  N.A.D.A. Treatment.  N.A.D.A. has been proven to be extremely effective in easing symptoms of stress and PTSD. The treatment is done in a group setting, with everyone in a circle while 5 tiny needles are placed on each ear, left in place for 30 minutes as everyone sits quietly allowing for their own  individual energy work to take place.  N.A.D.A is a holistic treatment that encompass mind, body, and spirit healing. 

After group treatment, Marcie will offer a  a brief workshop with handouts on Self-Applied Acupressure.

Acupressure is a gentle energy manipulating treatment that can be self-applied.  Knowing some of these powerful points and how they work can prove helpful during moments of stress.  There are no special tools, no needles, no need to walk away or even make time for a treatment,  just do it as you notice the need. These can be done quickly and inconspicuously to ground yourself.

The NADA protocol is currently being used in over 1500 clinical sites in the US, Australia, Europe, and the Caribbean for treatment of addiction, trauma, and stress reduction.

Here is a link for some research done on Auricular Acupuncture:

Here is a link to Marcie's most recent article on PTSD found in Cannabis Nurses Magazine:

We are honored to have Janine Sagert and Luc Cote, director and producer of the veteran documentary From Shock To Awe joining us during our retreat. Thank you Julia Reagan and for offering her space to us to hold this retreat.

Stay tuned!! :)

Semper Fidelis,
Ryan LeCompte

Here is the episode "Jungle Fix" ENJOY!

CNN's "This is Life with Lisa Ling" presents "Jungle Fix" 26 October 2014 @ 10/9c PM

Follow the highlighted links to watch the videos.

In this episode Lisa traveled to Peru with a group of Veterans suffering from PTSD. Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy (VET) organized the trip and Ryan LeCompte, founder of VET, accompanied them. Could Ayahuasca be the cure to their PTSD? Watch Sunday night at 10pm.

Interview with former Marine and founder of Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy Ryan LeCompte about the use of ayahuasca for PTSD in combat veterans. The article included with this video was written by VET member Richard Stroder and tells his story of how he ended up in the Amazon.

Ryan LeCompte, Dr. Rick Doblin, Dr. Dennis McKenna and Dr. David Nichols will be Tweeting LIVE during the episode. Join the conversation using #ThisIsLife and #ayahuasca

Psymposium 2014: Amherst

Psymposium 2014 was hosted at the University of Massachusetts Amherst by Psymposia. It was a 2 day conference and discussed the impact Psychedelics have on science, politics and society. 

VET was proudly represented by Tony Macie.

Tony Macie (VET)

Tony Macie (VET)

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