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I almost took my life today but you fuckers wouldn’t give up on me and I love you all for that. One week later after plant medicine ceremony with Ayahuasca. Mother natures remedy against PTSD, addiction and depression.
— Ssgt. John G, U.S. Marines, Afghanistan Combat Veteran
Thank you for saving my life. I would be dead if I had not done this
— 1stSgt. Sandoval, U.S. Army Iraq War Veteran
Two weeks after my initial program with VET started, I feel good. I had my first lightning bolt headache today in 15 days. I used to get twenty lighting bolt headaches a day that were becoming debilitating. Unfortunately, my TBI is still where it is. Right now I’m on zero medications for two weeks now. No chest palpitations. No chest burning or piercing pain in my chest anymore, my blood pressure feels good. My butcher misses me. I don’t know how this program works, but it does. I am more open to meditation and staying connected to myself and to nature.
— Sgt. Mike L, U.S. Army, OIF/OEF
Tribal Healing:
The Spiritual Polishing of a Battle Fatigued Paratrooper

I was a combat veteran transitioning home. My life didn’t make much sense. I was searching for myself or remnants of the career soldier I used to be. After six deployments I had to hang it up because I could no longer perform at a high level. The things I saw, the things I did, had created a shadow version of myself that needed to be contended with. I wouldn’t call it posttraumatic stress disorder, but there was a moral wound that was festering.
The medicine silenced my continuous inner monologue of “Did I do enough?”
I had a vision and feeling of connection to the earth through all my senses that is impossible to describe. I no longer felt concern about my moral injuries in those moments.  
During my vision I got what felt like a fiber optic download—a blast of light. I knew I was filled up and no longer empty, from the tips of my toes to the hairs on my head, I was full. When my body was able to move again, I power barfed and purged whatever guilt, shame and shit was attached to the defining moments of my war and my life.  
The purging was like a Spiritual Polishing.
Since that trip I’ve been able to slow down racing frantic thoughts when they arise. I am more present and engaged when I show up, and I show up in the first place. I’m more open about sharing my memories, and I can share them without guilt or shame because these memories have been polished, no longer causing as much pain. It’s a work in progress but I think my wife and I will get there.

No matter how hard we may try to isolate ourselves and try to forget, veterans will find one another to pick each other back up to walk the warrior’s path.
— Sgt. Dan K, U.S. Army Iraq Combat Veteran
My name is Marcus A. I am an eight year Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. I served a tour in Fallujah, Iraq from August 2004 to April 2005. I was present for operation Phantom Fury which was the coalition assault on that city. I deployed with 1st Medical Battalion and was responsible for maintaining security of personnel and infrastructure as well as the training, administration & overall discipline and good order of the Marines under my charge. Because of the uniqueness of our mission while forward deployed I was exposed to and experienced an incredible amount of death & destruction during our intense eight month tour. I was even witness to one of my best friends and mentors dying on the surgeons table in front of me from wounds sustained from an IED. My experience in Iraq left a huge impression on me and impacted my life in ways I am still struggling to reconcile. For many years I blocked out and numbed my psychological and emotional trauma through the use of drugs, alcohol, sex and any means I could to continue to deny and stunt any chance of allowing my body and mind to heal, grow and mature in the way it needed to in order to allow healing to take place. Like most other vets in my cohort and beyond I sought after help from the Veterans Administration only after I found myself divorced, without a job, nearly homeless and just about all the bridges I had to sustain me were burned to the ground. I have been through the VA in-patient treatment program for PTSD twice, I have taken all the pills and talked to all the docs. Nothing helped, at least not in the way I needed most. Which was the deep transformative power of the Entheogen Ayahuasca. It was really out of a sort of desperation that I started to seek out alternative means of healing and reconciliation which is where I came across VETS and learned of their program and what they offered. Because of VETS and their ability to cover the cost and allow me the opportunity to participate and receive the healing of the plant medicine my mind and body have been lifted in ways the VA docs and their pills never could. The experience was every bit of transformative I hoped it would be and I fully intend to incorporate future usage to continue my personal growth and healing. My hope is that one day VETS and programs like it will become mainstream and the very real value and impact it is having will be fully realized. My intention is to advocate for and raise awareness of this powerful alternative means of healing. VETS has and will continue to have my full support and endorsement. I hope whoever reads this will agree. If there are any questions or concerns I am happy to discuss my experience with anyone willing to listen. 
— Sgt. Marcus A, U.S. Marine, OIF/OEF
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